Serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware

We conduct a thorough inspection and generate a report that will define the issue, the cause, and the resolution.

We inspect:

Warranty claims – Installation concerns – Legal and Environmental issues

The Certified Inspector will:

Perform an on site inspection – Obtain a chronological history of the flooring installation and material – List detailed observations of the problem areas – Perform and record field-tests results – Collect samples for lab testing, if applicable – Photograph, or video tape areas of concern

Prepare a comprehensive inspection report providing:

Description of complaint/problem – Job site description – Product description – Claim HistoryDetailed description of problem – Field and/or lab test results – Applicable industry and/or manufacturer standards conclusion based on collected data and field tests – Identification of responsible part.

Inspecting Carpet and Flooring Failures


Jobsite Problems: Cupping – Gapping – Splits/Checks – Crowning – Dish out – Flooded floors squeaky/Loose boards – Unevenness of entire floor

Finish Problems: Discoloration excessive/early finish wear – Pinholes – Poly beads roughness/grain raise-panelizing

Buckling – Cupping – Seam swell – Gapping chips – Movement – Squeaking – Denting
Fading proud edges

Wear – Staining – Fading – Wrinkles – Fuzzing – Shedding – Streaks – Color loss
Pile reversal – Seam problems – Texture retention

Problems Related To:
Wood – Laminate – Carpet – Vinyl – VCT

Some examples of defective flooring